We all have God’s blessings and equal faculties to do what we love but often we hesitate to step forward. It not only keeps us comprising at hind seats but adds to our frustration that sometimes lower our confidence to such a low level that we start considering ourselves useless.

It is not only a matter of self destruction but disrespect of blessings of Almighty also.

So friends, let’s stop hesitating and step forward. Choose what you love, pour your heart in and enjoy the best of life.

You are simply awesome 🤗

How you think ?

It really matters, how you think. The deep seated beliefs we have in our mind are somehow the result of the times we went through and allowed our mind to record the outcomes.

Everyone wants to be the best and have the best but in reality what we have is the result of how we think and take the things into our consideration.

It really needs a deliberate effort to allow only the desired thoughts to enter our mind as they are going to reproduce the actual events in our life.

Always think big, positive and noble !


  • Smiles are welcomed everywhere and there is no place for tears in this world. One is to weep alone but he/she has all the people around him/her ready to share his/her joys. It is not like that there are no problems or challenges in life. It is also a fact that struggles are a part and parcel of our day to day life. But whether to ignore and let them pass at earliest or to live with them for a long spell, is our own attitude. It is easy to say to have a positive attitude but it takes a lot to practise it. It is easy to preach others but when it comes to us, only then we can feel the actual pain. Nevertheless, pains actually come to teach us a lesson of life. Nature has its own way of teaching. Learn it fast and enjoy the rewards that are bound to come with pain. Some things, sometimes seem to be not in our control. But try to ‘Smile’. Perhaps! this is the most befitted treatment that a challenge should get.
  • Always wear a broad smile. It will definitely suit your personality and will be admired everywhere. Let the challenges of life fade away in our smile. Mock at them. Smile Big!

Time of Choices

  • Dilemma is the most disturbing situation of human mind but one cannot resist it how well guarded his /her upbringing is! Most of the children around the globe have their childhood secured in the hands of the parents or academic counselors who facilitate them through the formative years of their academic pursuit. Reaching up to the adolescence, Nature starts teaching everyone of us in her own way. The hormones begin to rise and career is the next substantial step to ride on. Here begins the first dilemma of life. In the absence of fine guidance, one is in the most susceptible stage of life leading to selection of wrong choices more often. Heart wants else and the mind derives in some other direction. In current times, no doubt, the best possible counseling techniques and programs are there but still the speed of human mind is much higher than caught up in any technique. The children who get right decision could be expected to propel into future in the best possible way. The fear may be on its highest frequency but still everyone has his /her own way. So, one should start strongly. Covering all the academic years, one get used to much more mature decisions than ever. They learn to adjust, accomplish and applaud. Slowly, they learn to see the world through their own slot and have much more expectations than ever before.
  • But dilemma is there to ghost them. Every career choice seems lucrative but only time decides whether we are heading towards the best or the worst. But one cannot sit back idle. He/she may consult with their close aides but must overcome this dilemma and get launched into the world of unlimited opportunities.
  • Stay positive, be affirmative and get a long term flaw less success in all your endeavors in life.


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God created man in his own replica. All godly qualities are very much present in all human beings. Everyday we can feel the existence of God around us in one form or the other. Enlightened souls always aspire to serve the mankind in every possible way. They feel the pain of the deprived ones and take it their moral responsibility to serve their brotherhood.

Many communities have the tradition of donating one tenth of their income precisely called ‘Tithing’ as we find it in the records of Babylonians. All religions around the globe preach that we have no right on food until our neighbor is hungry. Not only we earn respect with our good gestures but it enriches our souls and ultimately leads to our own spiritual upliftment.

Whenever there occurs any natural calamity like earthquake, tsunami, pandemics or wars, serving hands are always there to serve the affected. Organizations like  UNICEF, Red Cross etc. all are the outcome of our social concern that mankind feels deep inside for their fellow men. Many individuals apart from organizations, can be seen taking care of their social calls. Some serve food to hungry while others come up with medical aid. Many people adopt the underprivileged children while many stand up to rehabilitate the homeless.

So many heart touching examples are there in our society which always inspire us to follow and can be seen as ray of hope for the have-nots. Prevalent Covid -19 situation is the current live example, where we can notice hundreds of organizations and individuals serving the society. In our area also we see how cooked and uncooked food packets are distributed in the lockdown period. When people themselves have limited or no earnings, donations were still on the peak. Really, it is the height of positive energy that we can witness in these serving humans.

Everyday, we must pray to God for the welfare and prosperity of mankind and all the creatures but still if any situation emerges, He must give us the courage and strength to stand with the needy.

Salute to Serving Hands!


Even rocks feel the thrill when come in the aura of vibrant souls.

Time is moving on whether you live it or not. It is better to make every moment full of life for ourselves and for our fellow beings. With every moment, our emotions change. Our face is the mirror. We can easily judge the feelings and emotions ongoing in someone’s heart by just having a glimpse at his/her face. Most of the people around us can often be noted complaining of one or the other situation. Not only they themselves get stressed but impact all other people negatively who are in their connection.

That is why it is always important to be in high spirits. We must enrich the lives of all the people who come in contact with us. People should love to be in our association rather than to have the tendency to avoid our presence.

We all are social beings and bound to live in society. So, better our society to live, more we can harness from life. Let’s make it a habit to stay in good mood. If we feel good about everything, universe enriches us with all the bounties. As we get prosperous, so we become able to serve our society in much better way. Every morning, start your day with positive affirmation, “Thanks god! For blessing me with another day.” Always have an attitude of gratitude.

Wear a broad smile on your face. Everyone who looks at you must wish to look again. You will see the people are smiling back. High spirits are welcome everywhere. People facing a lot of downtrends get cherished with smiling faces and jubilant voice. Hurray! On the top of the world! are a few of the greetings that everyone must get from you .

People will tend to gather around you as bees around honey. You go on passing the message of God to one and other. Day and night your self esteem will be built up. You become an asset to the society. Millions of people will get inspiration from you. Let’s make our existence worthwhile.

Wish to see you always in high spirits!


We, the humans, are the only creatures in this universe who have strong ability to feel and express our emotions with touch. Words are the after impressions which we use to prove our state of mind but our body especially handshake is the foremost sign of what we have in mind.

A person full of warmth and compassion always steps forward to have a firm handshake with everyone he meets and he need not speak anything as only the handshake expresses all his feelings. All great relationships start with handshakes and long last if it were firm handshakes.

Always have a firm handshake as it is your signature /autograph on someone’s soul and heart. Persons who rule the hearts of masses and enjoy special status in the society are the one who are well versed with this quality and who know the art of expression also.

It is well quoted, “First impression is the last impression.” There is no other best way of impression than firm handshake. All well known successful personalities in the world knew the significance of this gesture and inculcated this art deep inside their heart. In today’s world also, no technology can take place of firm handshakes, a high touch attribute.

Firm handshakes are ornamented by five nuggets :

  1. Standing position

2. Eye contact

3. Smile

4. Palm to Palm contact

5. Jerks (2-3)

Man is made for man and the gateway to someone’s heart is firm handshake.


  • Discipline is the most admirable attribute of a successful man. As a child what one learns and apply collectively constitute the way of life which eventually leads him to success or failure. Parents play a prime role in developing a right kind ofdiscipline which is further added upon by the values learnt from teacher and the peers.It may seem hard to adopt discipline in the beginning but it helps to have a balance and satisfaction throughout life. One regrets for his indiscipline at every step of life. Apart from losses and misery, indiscipline contributes to shame and disrespect. It is rightly said, “If you don’t discipline yourself, someone else will.” It is always painful.Nick and Parul were real brothers who grew with the same care and affection of their parents. Both were given the best atmosphere to excel in life. The best educational institutions were chosen and grooming was duly taken care of. Somewhere in the mind, Parul was not getting on to the frequency of his parents’ thoughts while Nick was very much submitted and adhering to the call of his parents always tried to follow discipline.With the passage of time, not only in grades but in all the aspects of life, difference could be observed in disciplined efforts of Nick in contrast to casual performance of Parul. Time passed. Nick became a successful entrepreneur enjoying all the luxuries of life and proved to be an asset to society while Parul due to his indiscipline and casual approach did not only ruin his own life but seemed to be a liability for his family and society.
  • We must realize that discipline imbibed at the earliest stageof life takes us long way of success. So be disciplined and be a role model for others.

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